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Great Lakes Center Field Station

Field Station

The Great Lakes Center Field Station is located on Buffalo's waterfront, four miles south of Buffalo State's main campus. Situated on the water, the Field Station provides access to Lake Erie, the Buffalo River, the Niagara River, and their tributaries. Most of the field research done by the GLC is staged from the Field Station using our boats and other field equipment.

Research is also done within the facility. One wet lab has 16 insulated 200-gallon tanks that provide scientists with conditions suitable for fish rearing and diet studies. Another wet lab can handle smaller tanks for experiments on single specimens, culturing small organisms, or for experiments in behavioral traits. There is also general lab space for sample processing, chemical analysis, or microscopy. Other experiments have been run on the grounds, such as the stream microcosm study.

The Dick Smith Outdoor Classroom offers a seasonal space for lectures and other campus meetings. With floor-to-ceiling windows that allow a clear view of the Niagara River, the flexible classroom provides a new learning experience for students.


The field station is about 3 miles south of Buffalo State campus at the foot of Porter Avenue.

There are two web cameras at the Field Station. The stationary web camera has a fixed view of Lake Erie.


Our other web camera can be panned and zoomed to focus on the docks, the breakwall, or the lake.


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