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GLES Faculty

Lyubov Burlakova

Research: Biodiversity and conservation of freshwater ecosystems; ecology of freshwater benthic communities; aquatic invasive species: ecology, spread and role in ecosystems; pollution and water quality

Affiliation: GLC

Alexander Karatayev

Research: Biodiversity, conservation and management of freshwater ecosystems; spread, ecology, biology, parasitology and ecosystem impacts of aquatic invasive species; benthic ecology

Affiliation: GLC, Biology

Christopher Pennuto

Research: Freshwater macroinvertebrate ecology; stream ecology; invasive species in the Great Lakes; ecological stoichiometry; mercury in the environment; insect behavioral ecology

Affiliation: Biology

Alicia Pérez-Fuentetaja

Research: Aquatic biology, food web interactions, impacts on the Great Lakes ecosystem; fish botulism outbreaks; endocrine-disruptor effects on fish populations; aquatic invasive species; zooplankton/fish interactions; processes that contribute to ecosystem stability and resilience

Affiliation: GLC, Biology


Amy McMillan

Research: Population and conservation genetics: effects of anthropogenic stressors on populations, conservation genetics of rare species including hellbender salamanders, population genetics of birds with a focus on Common Loons and Bald Eagles; metapopulation evolution; entomology; forensic genetics

Affiliation: Biology

Gary Pettibone

Research: Environmental microbiology: survival of bacteria in aquatic environments, biology of Aeromonas

Affiliation: Biology


Howard Riessen

Research: Population ecology; evolutionary ecology; limnology: predator-prey interactions, life history strategies, zooplankton ecology

Affiliation: Biology

Randal Snyder

Research: Physiology and ecology of Great Lakes fishes; lipid and fatty acid dynamics; thermal tolerance; fish nutrition

Affiliation: Biology

Edward Standora

Research: Vertebrate ecology: biotelemetry, behavioral and physiological ecology, thermal ecology, microclimatology, habitat selection, animal orientation, satellite tracking, bioacoustics, sea turtle research; conservation biology

Affiliation: Biology

Robert Warren

Research: species interactions in a changing climate: niche theory, dispersal, community ecology, climate change and inferential statistics; mutualism between plants and seed-dispersing ants changes with climate; how humans facilitation exotic invasive plants; how Native Americans dispersed trees; how habitat facilitates plant pathogens and how ants and termites interact and impact forest decomposition.

Affiliation: Biology

Dimitry Gorski

Research: Fish movements and migrations, lake sturgeon and lake trout restoration, fish habitat utilization and fish community ecology

Affiliation: GLC, Biology

Kelly Frothingham

Research: Human impact on streams and stream restoration

Affiliation: Geography and Planning

Tao Tang

Research: GIS and remote sensing visualizations of pollutant distributions in the Great Lakes and sourcing areas

Affiliation: Geography and Planning

Stephen Vermette

Meteorology and climatology, as well as air and water quality issues

Affiliation: Geography and Planning

Elisa Bergslien

Research: Contaminant load and migration in the Great Lakes region; trace elemental loads; colloid transport

Affiliation: Earth Sciences and Science Education

Jude Sabato

Research: Climate dynamics of Earth; large scale atmospheric and ocean circulation; fluid mechanics; computer modeling; applied mathematics

Affiliation: Earth Sciences and Science Education

Jill Singer

Research: Sediment dynamics; identifying sedimentary bedforms and assessing sediment stability; transport pathways and river-lake interactions using Sediment Trend Analysis (STA)

Affiliation: Earth Sciences and Science Education

Zeki Al-Saigh

Research: Characterization of polymer blends (alloys), biodegradable polymers (starch) and conducting polymers; photophysics of polycyclic hydrocarbons; environmental chemistry

Affiliation: Chemistry

Alexander Nazarenko

Research: Environmental and analytical applications of ion and molecular recognition; metal ion complexes with macrocyclic ligands, structural and thermodynamic investigation of complexation processes; analytical instrumentation for chemical education, data analysis, and chemical tutorial systems based on fuzzy logic

Affiliation: Chemistry

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