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Fisheries class 2017

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Students in orange float suits stand behind a green boat with a white cooler and a generator on it. There is a white building with a green roof behind them.
a silver boat sits on a trailer in front of an academic building with a placard for the 50th anniversary of the Great Lakes Center
three people sitting at a table in a conference hall. A second table of people is in the background.
Student holds up a brown bullhead to the camera. There are students in a second boat in the background.
a man standing at a counter in a lab wears gloves and small white pan. There is a clear Plexiglas contraption with a wheel sitting on the counter.
two people in orange and blue float suits and knit caps stand in front of a building with a sign "Boats"
Wendy Paterson collecting zooplankton samples in Buffalo Harbor
A class on a boat. One person stands at the control while another holds up a piece of equipment.
two people in life jackets prepare to deploy some nets off a boat
a person wearing chest waders walks through shallow water carrying a large rolled up net over their shoulder.
Nighttime picture of a boat with headlights on the water
A truck and a boat on a trailer by a boat ramp.
People standing for a group photo. There are posters set up on boards in the large room behind them
People standing and talking in a small building with tall glass windows all along one side. There is a table in the front of the picture with a projector set up on it.
Two people stand by shelves with aquariums full of water.
Two people stand at the open gate of a minivan with cinderblocks inside. There is some snow on the grass.
Trees on land next to some blue water. A person in a kayak is nearby.
A class on a white boat tied up on dock. One person holds the dock lines.
Barge and crane come to lift heavy equipment being delivered at FS
Researchers involved in the 2013 EPA monitoring survey
Several people stand around talking in a room with large windows
A group of people hold up a box-shaped net on land
two long thin troughs held up about three feet from the ground with a round barrel at the end of each, set up on the waterfront.
People in orange float coats lean over the side of a boat to watch one of them deploy some equipment
A group of six people posing for a picture. Four people hold up certificates
a three-story grey academic building with many windows
Ice from Lake Erie in the Niagara River
A large round tank with small silver fish in it.
Katie places extracted chlorophyll samples in the spectrophotometer
Putting the boat into the travel lift
The back of a boat with two engines and a davit. The boat is throwing wake as it goes.
Mark and Katie sampling
exposed gravel at the end of the boat ramp
The offshore LENONS team: Steve Sliwinski, Mark Clapsadl, Katie Hastings
The GLC LENONS field crew 2012
People in orange and blue float suits step on board a white boat tied up at dock
Method One: launching from a boat
A group of people stand around a large round aquarium in the floor, leaning on the railing. The wall behind them has mounted fish.
Fish caught by electrofishing
Dr. Pérez and students prepare to work in the lab
Village Creek, September 2005 Daniel Bennett and Lyubov Burlakova identifying unionids
Stream mesocosm experiment
Dr. Snyder with tanks
Removing old tanks
twelve people stand for a group photo inside a hall, with some posters on easels in the background
Three people pose for a picture in front of posters on easels
a group of people in chairs watch a presentation given by a person at the front of the room. There is a presentation projected onto a screen, and murals painted on the walls of the room.
R/V Seiche
People talking, holding snacks. There is a fall-themed table with food to the left.
Crew stand by the John J
A group of people stand on a dock by the water taking notes. A person stands in front of them with some research equipment
Three people in orange and blue float suits stand in front of the water. One is holding a medium-sized fish
Closeup of someone's hands holding a metal lid with two rods hanging from it. At the bottom of one rod is a small metal cup. In the background is a lab instrument
Students sit on a boat tied up at dock while a person in an orange float coat holds up a grey research instrument
Buoy rocking with the waves
Lower half of the buoy on its trailer
four people pose for a picture
Alexander Karatayev examining dreissenids on boats
Airboat survey of Trinity River, July 2011. Don, Regan, Steve, Jesse, and David Barclay, and Sasha Karatayev


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