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Spring 2017 Seminar Series

Posted: January 26, 2017

Please join the Great Lakes Center, Biology Department and the Great Lakes Ecosystem Science Program for our Spring 2017 Seminar Series to be held on Mondays from 4:00 - 5:15 p.m. in Bulger Communication Center 2E, throughout the spring semester per the schedule below.  The All students, staff and faculty are welcome. 


 1/30/2017:  Kurt Karboski, "The battle for Lake Ontario: Native and invasive species interactions in the Great Lakes"

 2/6/2017:  Daniel Potts, "Structure and function of post-industrial urban ecosystems"

 2/27/2017:  Chris Castiglione, "Using GIS to uncover the secrets of your data"

 3/6/2017:  Robert Warren, "Invasion! A niche perspective"

 3/13/2017:  Jonathan Bossenbroek, "Bringing Landscape Ecology into the Great Lakes"

 3/27/2017:  Shoshanna Zucker, "Gap Junctions in Cancer: Growth, Migration, and Oxidative Stress"

 4/3/2017:  Ronald Griffiths, "Benthic life in the dead zone of central Lake Erie"

 4/10/2017:  Jason Robinson, "Walleye movement and management in Lake Erie"

 4/17/2017:  Doug Easton, "Expression & Localization of Heat Shock Protein 110 During Drosophila Development; Clues to its roles in embryonic development"

 4/24/2017:  Lacy Chick, "Linking physiology to biogeography: From individuals to populations"

 5/1/2017:  Mike Fox, "Fish life history evolution"

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