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Faculty and Staff

Mark D. Clapsadl

Research Scientist/Field Station Manager
(716) 878-5625
Campus Address: Science and Math Complex 321

Mark Clapsadl has worked at Buffalo State College since 2006, first as a Research Associate and starting in 2008 as the Great Lakes Center Field Station Manager. Clapsadl has over 20 years experience in fisheries research and management. Before coming to Buffalo State he worked as the coordinator for the Chautauqua Erie Environmental Center at the State University of New York at Fredonia. His work at Fredonia focused mainly on botulism outbreaks within the aquatic community of Lake Erie and on bioenergetics of steelhead trout.

Prior to working within the SUNY system Clapsadl worked for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. He served as Project Leader for several fish predation studies that were conducted in the aftermath of the 1989 Prince William Sound oil spill. Later he worked for ADF&G as a Fisheries Manager for the sport fisheries of Kodiak Island the Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands.



M.S., SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY

B.S., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


Research Interests

Fisheries biologist: food web dynamics, invasive species in the Great Lakes

Research on endocrine disruptors in fish

Organized Buffalo State participation in NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation Lake Trout stocking

Conducted mussel surveys of several streams for NYS Dept. of Transportation


Grants/Contracts Recieved

2006-2007: Monitoring for E. coli on Erie County Beaches. USEPA through Erie County Department of Health

2005: Impact of Estrogen Inputs in Lake Erie Fish Populations. Great Lakes Research Consortium

2003: An Analysis of the Diet of Steelhead Trout in Lake Erie to Provide Resource Managers with a Basic Understanding of Their Role in Lakewide Predator/Prey Dynamics. Great Lakes Fishery Commission

2002: Botulism type E in Lake Erie: Ecology and Lower Food Web Transfer. Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act

2002: Botulism E in Lake Erie: Ecology and Lower Food Web Transfer. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Workshop: Collection and Identification of Freshwater Mollusks (Clams, Mussels and Snails), NYS Museum of Natural History, Albany, NY. State of NY/United University Professions Joint Labor-Management Committee Individual Development Awards Program


Reviewed Publications and Reports

Pérez-Fuentetaja, A., M.D. Clapsadl, D. Einhouse, P.R. Bowser, R.G. Getchell and W.T. Lee. 2005. The Role of Benthic Invertebrates in the Transmission of Type E Botulism in Eastern Lake Erie.

Pérez-Fuentetaja, A., M.D. Clapsadl, D. Einhouse, P.R. Bowser, R.G. Getchell and W.T. Lee. 2006. Influence of Limnological Conditions on Clostridium botulinum Type E Presence in Eastern Lake Erie (Great Lakes, USA) Sediments. Hydrobiologia, 563(1): 189-200.

Pérez-Fuentetaja, A., T. Lee, M. Clapsadl. 2003. Botulism Outbreaks: Environmental parameters associated to Clostridium botulinum Type E in Eastern Lake Erie. International Association for Great Lakes Research. International Lake Environment Committee. Global Threats to Large Lakes. Abstract. June 22-26, 2003, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois. Page 218.

Pérez-Fuentetaja, A., T. Lee, M. Clapsadl. 2003. Environmental parameters associated with outbreaks of botulism in Eastern Lake Erie. Botulism in Lake Erie Workshop Proceedings, New York Sea Grant, Ohio Sea Grant, and Pennsylvania Sea Grant. April 3, 2003. Buffalo, New York. Pages 30-36.

Willette, T.M., R.T. Cooney, V. Patrick, G.S. Thomas, T.C. Kline Jr., K. Hyer, G. Carpenter, and M. Clapsadl. 1999. Ecological Processes Influencing Mortality of Juvenile Pink Salmon in Prince William Sound, Alaska. Legacy of an Oil Spill: 10 Years after Exxon Valdez Scientific Symposium. March 23-26, 1999.

Werner, R.G., B.V. Jonckheere, M.D. Clapsadl, and J.M. Farrell. 1996. A bioenergetic exploration of piscivory and planktivory during the early life history of two species of freshwater fishes. Marine and Freshwater Research 47(2): 113-120.



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